At RPM Graphx, we don’t settle for ordinary. Every graphic company can do ordinary. We want blow-your-mind revolutionary advertising solutions that stops people in their tracks and FORCES them to look at your brand! We want to set our customers apart so that they get the most guaranteed attention possible with their advertising dollars. We are always searching for new, innovative ways to do this. Which is why we’re proud to introduce to Canada - Lumamedia.
The Lumamedia concept takes standard graphics and evolves them into fascinating, radiant images that are extremely eye catching. Effective advertising is all about getting people’s attention, and Lumamedia got yours. Lumamedia is a form of electroluminescence light source (EL Lighting) which is super thin and perfect for cost efficient advertising. Research has shown that Lumamedia is the most efficient light source in the world. It uses less power than LED and never burns out!
This extremely versatile product can be powered by everything from Solar Power, to button cells to AC voltage. It all depends on the customer’s needs, and how green you want to go. Lumamedia can selectively light any design imagineable on any surface. You can also sequence different areas to light in any order you choose. We’re illuminating everything from vehicles, signs and walls to sleds, ATV’s and everything in-between.
RPM Graphx is proud to be the Canadian Distributor of Lumamedia. Contact us today for our Special Introductory Pricing.