Frequently Asked Questions


We enjoy customer feedback because it allows us to adjust to the public's common interests and develop a greater understanding of your experience with us. Below are a few of the common general questions and concerns. If your question hasn't been answered on this page, you can email us at



What if I don't see the colours I like on a specific kit?

  • Not a problem. We can customize the colour scheme into anything you would like. Simply select the Graphic Kit that you are wanting to purchase, fill out the check out page as you normally would, and tell us your ideas in the "Comment Box". We will have your e-mail once you have completed the check out, therefore we will be able to send you a visual proof of how your new colours will look!

What logos can I put on my graphic kit?

  • We've been in the graphic industry since before the 21st Century and have accumulated a large database of the standard motorsport logos. If you request an uncommon logo, such as your personal business, you can upload a vector file (meaning .eps or .ai files) in the Custom Logo/Artwork box on the check out page. If you don't have access to a high quality file of the logo, we can arrange ways to access it (additional charges may apply).

What if I don't want a full graphic kit, just certain pieces?

  • No worries, we have a pricelist that clearly states the prices of the individual pieces inside a full graphic kit. If you know what kit you like, just Email us at and we can send you a proof of the pieces you want with the pricelist attached.

Do we make full custom graphic kits?

  • Yes we do. Give us a call or e-mail your ideas and we'll work with you to make the baddest custom kit you've ever seen.

What sets RPM apart from other Graphic Companies?

  • We are a graphic company that actually cares.  We care about how our products look, how they last and how revved up they get you every time you look at them. It takes countless years of practice, precision and a relentless pursuit of perfection in order to be where we're at as a company now.  From our seamless, quality workmanship to our top end equipment and materials-we don't take short-cuts. We place you the customer ahead of ourselves and won't stop until you've reached 100% satisfaction.



Do you make wraps for every generation of GoPro? iPhone? Neckbrace? DreBeats? MacBook?

  • There are always newer and better versions of every product coming out and we do our best to keep up with the latest models. If we don't have a specific model listed, just order as you normally would through the check out and write us a short sentence in the comment box, addressing the model you have and any other small details. We'll make sure you receive the correct and best fitting graphx around!