Shipping & Returns



  • Designed, Printed, and Packaged in Canada. Shipped across the world via FedEx, UPS, or Purolator. Ground shipping across Canada/USA standard shipping rates and delivery times apply.
  • All packages are carefully assembled to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Packages are clearly labelled/branded with our logo and customer name for clarification.


  • We simply do not accept returns.  Everything is a custom print and all sales are final.
  • If we make a mistake, we will correct it and make sure you receive what you ordered.
  • We ask that our customers purchase desired graphic kits and complete the checkout information accurately: because your mistake, is your mistake and is not an acceptable reason for a returned product.
  • RPM Graphx uses the highest quality material to ensure the best adhesion and protection against everyday abrasion/wear. With that being said, RPM Graphx is not liable for improper installation or misuse of products.